Corporate Social Responsibilities
02 Mar 2017
Amcorp gives Scholarships to ACCA Students

Petaling Jaya (Thursday, 2 March 2017) : Amcorp Group Berhad (“Amcorp”), Amcorp Properties Berhad and RCE Capital Berhad in collaboration with Yayasan Azman Hashim (“YAH”) has awarded its scholarship, the Amcorp Study Grant (“ASG”) to 4 new students to pursue their ACCA qualification in Malaysia. These high achieving recipients are Mr Loise Lenem Anak Lister Nonem, Mr Hoh Wai Hoong, Ms Chan Sze Yen, and Ms Leong Chi Yan. A collective total scholarship of RM280,000 was given out to the recipients at a Signing cum Cheque Presentation Ceremony held at Amcorp’s headquarters in Petaling Jaya. The Ceremony was graced by the presence of Mr Soo Kim Wai, Amcorp Group Managing Director and Encik Shahman Azman, Chairman of RCE Capital Berhad.  

(1st row, from left) Mr Ng Keing You, ASG recipient Hoh Wai Hoong, Mr Lister Nonem, ASG recipient Loise Lenem signing the agreements while Mr Soo Kim Wai (2nd row, left) and Encik Shahman Azman (2nd row, right) look on

asg2(1st row, from left) Mdm Lee Pik Poh, ASG recipient Leong Chi Yan, Mdm Tai Wan Khoon, ASG recipient Chan Sze Yen signing the agreements. (2nd row, from left) Mr Soo Kim Wai, Encik Shahman Azman

Lenem Anak Lister Nonem, is currently pursuing his ACCA studies in Kolej Universiti Poly-Tech Mara Kuala Lumpur, Hoh Wai Hoong in Sunway College Kuala Lumpur, while both Chan Sze Yen and Leong Chi Yan are studying in Sunway College Ipoh. .Loise was accompanied by his father Mr Lister Nonem Anak Moteng. Chan Sze Yen was accompanied by her parents, Mr Chan Poh Choon and Madam Tai Wan Khoon. Hoh Wai Hoong was accompanied by his guardian, Mr Ng Kieng You and Leong Chi Yan was accompanied by her mother, Madam Lee Pik Poh.

Each recipient will receive a sum of RM70,000, comprising RM50,000 scholarship and RM20,000 loan. 

Apart from the scholarship, recipients will also benefit from employment opportunities with Amcorp Group of companies, which is recognized with the prestigious status of ACCA Approved Employer – Platinum Level.

During the Ceremony, the recipients and their parents / guardian signed the scholarship agreements to signify their acceptance of the scholarships awarded to them. The signings were witnessed by Mr Soo Kim Wai and Encik Shahman Azman, who later presented the RM70,000 cheques to each of the ASG recipients.

asg3ASG recipient Loise Lenem (left) receiving his cheque from Encik Shahman Azman (right)

  asg4 ASG recipient Hoh Wai Hoong (left) receiving his cheque from Encik Shahman Azman (right)

asg5ASG recipient Chan Sze Yen (left) receiving her cheque from Encik Shahman Azman (right)
  asg6ASG recipient Leong Chi Yan (left) receiving her cheque from Encik Shahman Azman (right)

The Amcorp Study Grant was established in 2011, in collaboration with Yayasan Azman Hashim, a non-profit charitable institution headed by our Group Executive Chairman, Tan Sri Azman Hashim. The Grant was set up to offer scholarships to outstanding students to pursue their ACCA qualification in Malaysia on a full time basis. Through Amcorp Study Grant, Amcorp hopes to help young ambitious scholars to become future successful leaders in our society.

Since its inception, 19 excellent students have benefited from the ASG. Total Grant of RM1.33 million has been disbursed or committed to these students thus far. To date, 6 ASG recipients have graduated and are currently employed as Executives with the Group.

It’s all smiles as the Amcorp Study Grant new recipients pose for a group photo with Directors of Amcorp.
Congratulations to Amcorp ‘s new ASG recipients!